Client Testimonials

I’ve been doing regular strength training with Nadia for a few years now. Not only is it making a difference to me physically (I’m stronger and have more muscle tone than I’ve had in years), but I also feel more confident about my capabilities which feels really good.

Nadia is consistently upbeat, enthusiastic and encouraging. Her pure enjoyment of developing and leading these workouts is infectious! She always checks in at the beginning of every session and modifies the exercises individually and as needed. While she urges you to challenge yourself, she also repeatedly advises you to listen to your body and as a result your “body awareness” also increases.

Research is consistently pointing to strength training as a vital component of healthy aging and Nadia’s classes, whether on Zoom or in person, make it easy. Take it from me, it’s worth the investment of time and money to be strong!

– Jan Sheppard Kutcher, age over 60
– Comment posted: September 2023

I have been taking classes from Nadia twice a week for about 15 months. We cover strengthening of the whole body. It is a real investment of time – and money – but I think it is worth every penny. It means I can manage the household and garden without any problems because I have the confidence to take on projects that would not happen otherwise. I am 75, still improving and taking no medications. At my age I have made a choice to spend my money now on strength training rather than later on a home care.

– Anne, Age 75
– Comment posted: January 2023

Nadia’s Zoom fitness classes offer me strength training that feels right for my body and mind. I’m an active person but there was a gap in what I needed and it has been filled beautifully through her classes. I am growing stronger and more toned, and see these benefits translated to my everyday activities.

Nadia is impressive in her ability to design a comprehensive program with a focus on strengthening complementary muscle groups interspersed with cardio and completed with stretches. She implements this program in carefully structured and well paced classes that feel fresh as she often adds new elements to them. She cares that we progress and it shows – whether she is gently pushing us a little harder or affirming us with a high five and her joyful smile at the end of the class.

I enjoy and highly recommend these classes. Thank you Nadia!

– Wendy Sheppard, age over 60
– Comment posted: May 2021

Nadia is passionate about fitness! Her support, energy, and enthusiasm that she brings to every online zoom strength training class is contagious and such a breath of fresh air during these challenging COVID19 days.

I have had the pleasure of participating in Nadia’s zoom fitness classes since December 2020 and I have seen amazing results; I feel stronger and healthier, both body and mind! Nadia motivates each class with professionalism, sincere friendliness, and kind encouragement, while leading a safe, fun, and challenging work out. 

Nadia’s extensive knowledge of exercise modifications and her appreciation of everyone’s’ unique needs are such a gift to everyone who participates. Every class seems to be tailored specifically just for “you”. 

I cannot thank Nadia enough for all her guidance and care as I continue my fitness journey with her!

– Karen and puppy Stella, Halifax area
– Comment posted: May 2021

Nadia met me at convenient times, was always prepared, explained everything making sure I understood the things that I wanted to work on and what the next steps to focus on  were. She knew to start out with small things to attain then work me up to more as I felt I could.

Nadia offered information to refer to for understanding and it was always my commitment to what I wanted to work on that drove my progress with her push of encouragement and support. Thanks to her I now eat better, more balanced meals, drink ample water daily, move more, sleep well and feel great. My greatest accomplishment this year for fitness was walking a 13 km trek at Cape Split. So proud of myself for this.

– Kimberlea, Halifax area
– Comment posted: April 2021

She provided friendly calls to check in on my progress and she is my cheerleader.

I feel stronger, added healthy options to my diet and have fun experimenting with new foods.  I also exercise on a regular basis with a simple doable plan that gives me more energy.  In three months I saw real improvements and I am working towards my next goals.

– Susan, Halifax area
– Comment posted: April 2021