New for Summer 2023

Studio addition: Halifax North studio now has a bathroom with a shower available for clients to freshen up after a workout

New Certification: To my general certification as a Fitness Instructor Specialist, I added Functional Aging Specialist.

Coming up and ongoing: Improving the online and in-studio experience for clients

June’s Free Fitness sessions helped people deal with the stress from the wildfires.

Thank you to all the participants who took up the challenge and met up on Zoom from different parts of the province. It was great experience to meet all of you.

Our goal is to help adults improve fitness, gain strength, and maintain their quality of life. Our clients explain how.

If you want to experience a free demonstration of our classes, contact us at nfarbstein@gmail.com.

– Nadia Farbstein, owner and coach at Springstart
  • Do you want to live a fuller life with better health and feel more confident?
  • Do you need some guidance to set up a healthier lifestyle and reset
  • your mind and body?

Who am I?

  • I am a certified fitness instructor and nutritional coach (CanFitPro)
  • I am 60 years old and I run, lead workouts everyday, bike, hike, skate and swim. I can start doing new activities when I choose as well. Fitness will give you the opportunity to participate in any activity you want.
  • I understand what it feels like to age and what it takes to avoid losing strength, fitness and flexibility.
  • I am an enthusiastic workout partner, experienced coach and supporter.
  • I want you to succeed. Your long-term success is my success.

Investing in your health prevents injuries and serious medical conditions later in life.

Whether you are new to fitness or want outside support and accountability to maintain your training goals, we can help.

  • Choose between one-on-one, semi-private with two people or small group sessions,
  • Work out online or in-person as you prefer
  • Appointments or small group sessions are scheduled at different times throughout the week

What benefits can we give you?

  • Providing motivation and accountability to stick with the routine until it becomes a part of your life
  • Targeting specific areas that need work
  • Providing modifications of exercises that change as you progress
  • Giving you the keys to staying strong and healthy as you age
  • Helping you stay independent as long as possible