My Story

I am a good example of what you can do as you age. As someone who has reached the age of 60 still being active as a runner, cyclist, and skater, I know the value of being strong, flexible and confident in my ability to do new things.

Fitness as a Goal

Being involved in a range of activities like climbing and hiking has shown me the value of having a group and a coach to keep you motivated for change. I know that just showing up and doing your best is a daily achievement and the social experience makes it easier to get through the challenges.

Throughout my life I made healthy food choices as well as being active. Consistent habits give me the daily energy to enjoy my life. People who currently have sleep issues, low energy or low motivation can start feeling better about themselves and doing more.

We can help you develop habits that help you explore more in your life.

Confidence and Support

I was never an elite athlete. I represent the majority of people who combine work, family and their own activities and hobbies in order to enjoy a balanced life. I have been through periods of my life when I ran in baggy clothes and avoided being seen.

After 20 years of teaching gymnastics, running and skating, I have been able to connect with people with different body types, ages and ability. Working in science honed my ability to assess conditions and predict challenges so my clients can avoid common problems..

I can introduce you to new habits that will support your goals and reset your mind and body.