How We Help

If fitness training was easy, everyone would be doing it. The reality is people often need the support and shared support of others to reach their own goals. As we have learned in the last few years, we are social beings and trying to do something in isolation doesn’t always work.

Put your intentions into action with a realistic plan

  • We help you get started and stay motivated with plans based on your specific needs.
  • Online options suit people who travel frequently or who prefer online sessions.
  • Private session clients have fully customized programs that are developed for individual goals and current fitness levels.
  • Group clients still get some individual attention and exercise modifications when needed.
  • Regularly scheduled activities build habits.
  • Add some nutrition guidance to your package so you can use food as a tool for more energy

Be accountable to others as well as yourself

  • People get their motivation to continue through shared goals and support from others. Committing to an action that involves others adds another level of accountability.
  • The coach is accountable to you to provide guidance, some flexibility and realistic challenges.
  • Investing resources like time or money into a project help ensure it will actually happen.
  • Being accountable to others gets you through the hardest part: getting a routine set in your brain and getting to the point when you start feeling long term results.
  • Once you have the habits set and start feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible, it won’t be difficult to continue.