• Free consultation to determine your best options based on your goals
  • Free first demonstration session
  • Actual prices per session will depend on the type of workout, session frequency and length of contract

Email to arrange a discussion and see if SpringStart Health and Fitness can help you.

Package Structure

Choose your initial type of workout. Your initial choice may change with time as you progress and your fitness regimen develops.

  • Private one-on-one sessions benefit people who are new to fitness training, people who have specific medical issues or those who are less comfortable working out with others in-person or online. Private sessions are sometimes the best choice for people at first until they become more familiar with the movements.
  • Semi-private sessions combine the social support of one other workout partner in addition to individual attention from a coach. Normally people who commit to exercising together find this useful.
  • Small group sessions provide a sense of support from others. Modifications for specific levels of strength and flexibility are provided for individuals in the group.
  • Tip: Once you are comfortable in the small groups you might consider a mix of private and small group sessions, using the private sessions as a personal check-in with the coach.

Nutrition as a Component of your Health

Nutritional consultations are available in addition to workouts. You will be able to make healthy nutritional choices and eating better fuel will encourage you to make further lifestyle changes.

Nadia is certified to provide to provide both nutritional consults and fitness training.

What can you expect?

  • For new people, it takes a few months to really feel concrete changes such as noticeable strength increase. However, some people experience higher energy levels and better sleep almost immediately.
  • For that reason, we suggest starting with a 3-month contract that will get you started. It takes some time for you to make fitness a natural and permanent part of your life.
  • Contracts are usually structured for 3 months, 6 months or a full year.
  • Your preference for private to small group sessions or in-person or online format may change as you progress and these changes can be built into the contract.