Being Active Leads to Energy and Positivity

Exercise helps your brain work better. It helps you think through complex ideas, remember details, and just generally handle complex tasks with a lot more efficiency. Your body and brain just work better together when the blood and oxygen is flowing. Then there is the emotional component. Your brain is better able to handle problems and high emotions when you can think better. When your body is out of balance, such as when you are overly excited or depressed, mental health experts recommend some form of exercise because the right type of exercise helps settle your body and brain back to a natural balance.

It’s not a coincidence that people with energy and positivity are frequently active. Rather it’s the other way around. Being active helps them stay energetic and positive.

How does exercise do this?

  • Exercise gets blood flowing and the oxygen in the blood goes to the brain. With more oxygen, the brain functions better.
  • A better functioning brain remembers things more accurately. An active person can learn more and do more with what they know. It has a big impact on long term memory, and lessens the impact of aging on the brain. We’re not only talking about better memory now, we’re also thinking about better memory and brain function when you are 80 years old.
  • A person who remembers things clearly and can think efficiently is more likely to handle extreme situations well. It doesn’t matter if these are emotional crises or needing to work very quickly in stressful situations. People who exercise regularly tend to have fewer true emergencies and live with less stress simply because for one, they prevent many problems by better thinking and two, they handle it better when it happens.
  • Active people sleep better. Sleep is great for the brain. Your brain is actually still active while you are asleep and not only do you wake up refreshed, your brain has been doing some work while you were out and has helped you process your thoughts. That’s why people say ‘you should sleep on it’ before making a big decision.

If you consider yourself inactive you might also recognize that you find yourself stressed out and unable to control your emotions more often than you would like. You might also feel out of balance because you have many responsibilities and stressors in your life that you cannot control.

There is something in your life you can control: You. Arm yourself with exercise and an improved brain so that you can build a life with less stress and negativity. Once you start, you’ll know it is worth the effort.

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