Make 2023 a Better Year

Are you thinking about changing things now that everything is opening up? It’s still important to stay healthy. Maybe after a couple years of not being that active, you want to shake up your routines with a new challenge.

The most important step is figuring out your starting point so you can have a realistic path to new health goals. Think about the things you want to change about your body. You know certain things about your lifestyle and body already, all the things you have told yourself you should or want to change.

Big Goals:

  • I want to gain muscle and be able to ______________.
  • I want to lose ________ pounds.
  • I want to fit a size _______.
  • I want to reach this goal for a particular event:_______________________.
  • I want to _________________ with less pain and discomfort.
  • I want to start a new activity: __________________________

So how do you gets assessed and get the support for a successful new habit?

  • A good assessment is crucial especially when one strength or weakness can have an impact on others.
  • A free consultation with a coach to start getting a sense of your current abilities and the types of activities that will best suit your goals.

What level of support do you need from a coach?

  • A coach can provide motivation and accountability. Even for people who use an individualized program in which they work out independently, a periodic check in helps anchor them to a goal.
  • A coach can help a beginner or someone recovering from an injury get comfortable and confident with the best techniques through in person or zoom sessions. Technique is important to avoid injuries.
  • A coach leading small groups or individual sessions has the opportunity to give you new challenges as you advance.

Contact us to start this conversation. Imagine the new possibilities!

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